Premium Dice Bags

Uncommon Dice Storage for Uncommon Adventurers

Whether you're adventuring in the Kryptgarden Forest, developing your settlement in Catan, or navigating the streets of New Capenna, you'll be glad you have a Legendary Wares premium dice bag by your side. 

Legendary Wares Premium Dice Bags are thoughtfully designed and handmade with unique details you won't find on any other dice bag. You will love how these premium cotton pouches provide one easy solution for your tabletop gaming needs.

  • Large Dice Bags for Tabletop Games | Green Dragons Scale

    +5 AC

    Soft, thick padding lines the entire bag to protect your valuable game pieces. The bottoms even have an extra pad to protect your surfaces (metal dice lovers, we're looking at you).

  • Binding Grasp

    Does the bottom of your bag look like the afterparty at a Chessex convention? We can help. Our secure paracord prevents your dice from wandering into the Forgotten Realm of your backpack.

  • Clip of Security

    You don't want to be "that guy" who needs to borrow dice because you forgot to pack yours. Clip your dice bag to your other essential game gear to impress your friends with your organization skills.

  • Split the Party

    Four interior pockets* allow you to separate your dice by color, the number of sides, the material, or however you want. You can even designate a pocket as a "dice jail" to lock up those bad boys that keep crit-failing.

    *Pockets in Medium and Large size bags

  • D4 Triangle Dice Bags for Tabletop Games | Red Flying Dragons

    D4 Triangle - The Minimalist

    You are satisfied with 2 sets of loyal dice and possess self-control.

  • Medium - The Collector

    Your quest for the unique and exotic has left you with 10-12 specially curated dice sets.

  • Medium Pride Dice Bag with 4 Pockets for DnD and RPG Games

    Large - The Goblin

    18-20 sets of dice ... I don't have a problem - YOU have a problem!

More Than a Dice Bag

While our original design focused on tabletop gamers, our high-quality, padded pouches preserve any precious item during transport. Our customers have told us they use Legendary Wares bags for more than dice. Some use them as LARPing accessories, or even to carry medications or jewelry!

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